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The features of fingertip oximeter you may concern

 1)      Accuracy

All oximeter sold on our website are FDA approved. It means that they meet the minimum accuracy requirement of -/+ 3% . All the oximeter sold here are experienced less than 1% complaint rating regarding the accuracy. However there are always some models better than other model. We rated 4 stars and 5 stars based on our experienced customer feedback. Please check our comparison sheet for these rating.

2)      Display

a)      LED display. A low cost display. It can display number and pleth bar only . Single direction display. Visible at dark.

b)      Monochrome LCD display. Similar to LED display , consumes less power . Single direction display. Need turn on the backlight to be visible at dark.

c)       Dual Color LCD display. It can displays number , pleth bar and waveform . Multiply direction display . Visible at dark

d)      OLED display. Multiple color displays number, pleth bar and waveform , Multiply direction display . visible at dark

3)      Display direction.

There are several display direction change mechanism:

a)      1 way. You have no way to change the direction of display.

b)      2 Way. You can change the direction of display in 2 way . Upper or Down

c)       4 way. you can change the direction of display in 4 ways , upper , down , left , rgith .

d)      Automatic direction: the direction changes by the gravity sensor in the oximeter . The display is always upright.

4)      Battery type

a)      2 x aaa batteries.

For alkaline battery, you may need change the battery very 30-50 hours use. For rechargeable battery, you need to take out the battery to charge the battery.

b)      Li-ion battery.

Li-ion battery is usually built-in. Li-ion battery lasts longer than aaa battery for each charge. You may not need to take out the battery to charge it.

5)      Battery Door

a)      Separate battery door. The door is separate from the main body of oximeter . It is easy to damage or loss the battery when change the battery

b)      Hang-on battery door. It is not easy to loss or damage.

6)      Alarm

Some oximeter can alarm the user when the spo2 or heart rate beyond the certain levels. The alarm thresholds can be fixed by factory, or changed by user for certain expensive models .

Alarm can be sent by visual signal (flashing display ) , or audio signal ( beeping by the oximeter)


7)      Internal Memory

Some oximeter has internal memory. It can record the value of SPO2 (oxygen level) , Heart Rate over certain period. The stored data can be downloaded to computer for future review and analysis.

8)      Live view on computer

Display real time waveform, Spo2 rate, heart rate on computer screen. It is great feature for healthcare professional.

9)      Perfusion Index.

The accuracy of Spo2 reading is affected by the blood flow in the capillaries under the skin. Perfusion index gives indicator of blood flow in capillaries, then gives indicator of accuracy of SPO2 reading. Please read the instruction manual of oximeter to find how perfusion index indicates the accuracy of spo2 reading. Usually only advanced model has perfusion index.